Heroic Hounds

By Lindsey Last edited 138 months ago
Heroic Hounds

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and today is an exciting day for some four-legged furry ones with extra special wet noses and jolly brave handlers.

Labradors Vinnie and Billy, and Jake, a spaniel, have got gongs of the highest order; the animals' George Cross and the PDSA gold medal in recognition of their crucial and life-saving work checking access was safe for emergency services preparing to attend the sites of the July 7 terrorist attacks in 2005.

Vinnie, Billy and Jake are receiving the awards on behalf of the 14 explosive search dogs and their handlers who worked that day. However, with London on critical alert yet again, let’s hope they’re not paged by the office before they have a chance to chow down on some celebratory Bonio.

In other, less sombre, doggie hero news, TV vet Joe Inglis and his dog Jack set sail from Wiltshire this lunchtime headed for Putney in a Z-list celebrity charity effort to raise money for the wonderful Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

We’re not sure whether there’ll be any doggie paddle but they’re definitely doing it doggie style – in a giant dog bowl, the Mutty Bark.

Last Updated 03 July 2007