Breaking News: Potential Car Bomb In Haymarket

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Breaking News: Potential Car Bomb In Haymarket

Police have made safe a 'viable explosive device' on the Haymarket. The operation took place around 2am this morning, after reports of a suspicious vehicle. The area reamains cordoned off.

8:05 Update: The BBC now have a link.

8.20 Update: Sky News are going a little far with their editorialising..."Sources say the perpetrators were not Irish, suggesting Islamic extremists were behind the potential attack, outside an American Express foreign exchange." They also suggest the vehicle was a 'silver Mercedes which contained gas canisters'.

9.00 Update: According to Sky, police have indeed foiled a 'major terrorist attack' in the centre of London. "Eyewitnesses said a man crashed the vehicle into bins near a nightclub early this morning and then ran off." Nails and gas canisters were found within the car. The area will probably remain cordoned off for the rest of the day, and Piccadilly Circus Tube station is closed.

Last Updated 29 June 2007