Breaking News: Controlled Explosion At Hammersmith

By Hazel Last edited 27 months ago
Breaking News: Controlled Explosion At Hammersmith

July 2007

If you've been stuck in traffic or severely delayed for work coming in from West London, that's because of a controlled explosion of a suspect package at Hammersmith. At the time of writing, the situation is now concluded: it was not a dangerous package but obviously, London is on high alert and this kind of action is what we need to expect after last Friday's variety of bomb scares.

Traffic in and out of the area, for all forms of transport will be delayed and slow as the area is cleared after this morning's drama. No exact details have been released as yet, we will update as news comes in. In the meantime, stay vigilant.

Update: at lunchtime, BBC news has confirmed that the suspect device was detroyed in a controlled explosion outside Hammersmith tube station around 8.30am this morning. This action was taken after more incidents involving suspect packages unfolded in Glasgow last night. Hammersmith and Barons Court tube stations were closed at the height of rush hour. Hammersmith Broadway and Hammersmith Bridge were also closed. All are have since reopened.

Last Updated 04 October 2016