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7/7 memorial

Two years ago today, four bombs were detonated on London’s public transport system in the morning rush hour, resulting in the deaths of 52 commuters (and four suicide bombers) and injuries to more than 700 others.

We all remember that day. We can all tell each other where we were at the time, how close we were to being on one of those trains or that bus, who we knew that actually was caught up in it all. But we’re not going to wallow in the sentiments that these awful events still evoke today. The horror of that morning, and our pride at the way that Londoners responded to it, is still poignant to us – but we’ve probably discussed them enough already, not least in the scores of comments on our post of the day’s events as they unfolded.

We simply want to reiterate our sympathies to those who lost friends or family on that day, and to continue to thank Londoners for making this a fucking great city to be a part of. As we said last year:

Idiots with bombs will come and go but London is made up of its people, and as long as even one of us still has the breath left to stand up, speak out and continue doing what we do with no regard for those who try to stop us, then London is indestructible.

As far as we’re concerned, that still stands today.

OK. Hankies away now. London’s Tour de France Prologue kicks off this afternoon – don’t you dare miss it!

Photo of memorial in Embankment Gardens taken by M@.

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