London Explosions

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London Explosions

EMERGENCY HOTLINE: 0870 1566 344

Some useful links:

Guardian News Blog.

Very useful Wikipedia page.

Transport for London.

Breaking News: the entire tube network is down and all stations are being evacuated because of reported 'power surges' at various places on the system.

Explosions have been reported at Edgware Road and Aldgate and there are reports of 'walking wounded' and commuters smashing windows of trains with 'their umbrellas' to get out.

There is at least one report of one person being seriously hurt.

Update: Reports of a loud explosion and clouds of thick black smoke on the Circle Line Train between Edgware Road and Paddington. Someone was apparently 'blown out of the door' of the train. There have apparently been power surges at other stations (Kings Cross, Old Street and Russell Square) but no explosions at those stations.

The media are saying that the cause is 'thought to be electrical'. Traffic is, as would imagine, at gridlock.

Further Update (10:15) Rumours of an explosion on a bus at Tavistock Square.

10:20 - union officials have reported at least one 'explosive device' on the Tube.

10:26 - no electrical surges and explosions on three buses.

10:40 - reports of fatalities on buses.

10:50 - unconfirmed reports of second explosion at Tavistock Sq.

10:56 - at least 90 casualties at Aldgate station.

10:59 - Ken Livingstone is to come back from Singapore early.

11:07 - Zone 1 bus routes suspended. Blair to make statement at 12 noon.

11:15 - Suspect package found at Stockwell. Reports of an explosion at Hounsditch near Liverpool St. Police are counting six 'events' (explosions).

11:32 - Arab sources have told the BBC that Al Qaeda are 'almost certainly' responsible. Two fatalities at Aldgate East.

11:40 - Traces of explosives found at at least one of the scenes.

12:13 - Rescue operation going on in Kings Cross tunnel.

12:18 - Charles Clarke statement due shortly.

12:20 - Reports from the London Ambulance Service of an explosion in Leicester Square.

12:29 - Number of explosions now officially at 7 within a 45 minute timescale. Talk of a 'suicide bombing' but nothing confirmed at all.

12:35 - Police are saying that there was no warning given before the


12:37 - LAS have just confirmed a bus explosion in Leicester Square.

13:01 - The Guardian Newsblog have denied the reports of an explosion at Leicester Square via an eye witness account.

13:17 - Confirmation of a 'number of fatalities' at Edgware Road. Two trains were involved on the Circle line - second carriage of southbound train and another train. The tube will be closed all day today, that includes the DLR.

13:32 - statement from Ken:

"London has been the target of a cowardly terrorist attack. Londoners have responded calmly and courageously.

I commend the professionalism, courage of the Metropolitan Police, Transport for London staff, the Ambulance, Fire and other emergency services.

Innocent people going from all of London's communities have been targeted by this indiscriminate attack. I urge Londoners from all of this city's diverse communities and faiths to support one another and stand together against terrorism."

13:42 - If you're looking for a way home tonight you might want to look into ferry services on the Thames - we've heard there may be some free services running.

14:08 - The number of explosions is now back down to four. Three on the tube, one on the bus at Tavistock Square. There have been a number of controlled explosions around the city but the rumour that a suicide bomber was shot earlier by police is definitely not true.

15:14 An Emergency Hotline has been set up: 0870 1566 344

15:15 Blair is back at Number Ten

15:17 Thames Clippers are putting on free travel on the river on all of their boats. For more information please call 0870 781 5049 (Thanks to Phillip for the details in the comments below).

15:42 Londonist's Mike is ending coverage; Will is taking over.

15:45 Things seem much quieter on the streets here near Victoria; there are still sirens but not the continual noise we heard earlier. Planes can still be heard going into Heathrow.

Full text of Blair's address.

15:52 We're getting reports that Heathrow Terminal 3 is being evacuated.

15:53 It seems Heathrow T3 is now being reopened.

15:58 G8 postpones climate and poverty decisions.

16:04 Death toll apparently in the 40-45 area. Link.

16:09 Coverage seems to be winding down, perhaps in preparation for the evening news.

16:10 Polly, one of our commenters, reports that mainline services from Euston are resuming. We shall see how much of the network is restored tomorrow; my guess is 99% of the mainline rail network and 70-80% of the Tube network. Certainly, you're not getting a Circle Line train today, or for several weeks at least.

16:17 The Scotsman has a very thorough report. It says 33 dead, hundreds injured, but NO ONE IS TRAPPED UNDERGROUND at this moment.

16:22 There's a resumption in sirens here in Victoria (according to me) and in west London (according to another Londonista).

16:23 TV and radio coverage does now seem to be returning to normal.

16:26 According to commenter Polly, mainline rail services have now resumed.

16:23 A gruesome eyewitness report from an Indian paper. Londonist prescribes a pinch of salt.

Eyewitness reports at the BBC.

16:42 It seems all mainline stations are now re-opened, but expect serious disruption. Of course.

We might get the deep Tube lines tomorrow, but expect serious to critical disruption on the Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith and City and District lines. The Bakerloo looks dodgy as well.

16:53 The Wibbler report - a link to the terrorist statement. But frankly attacks like this are like a salad bar to terror groups. They can all claim responsibility.

16:56 Ken Livingstone's full statement.

17:00 There will be a special extended edition of the 6 O'clock BBC news.

Itlooks like about 40-50 casualties. R4 PM is saying "Terror strikes London". Sombre coverage.

"It was not a question of IF. It was a question of when, and the when was today." - on PM

17:03 All mainline services and buses are now running, according to Radio 4. Al-Qaeda in Iraq says it has killed the Egyptian ambassador.

17:15 The DLR is apparently running. BBC reports 33 dead.

17:18 King's Cross is still very disrupted; it seems the Swindon, Brighton and Heathrow T3 scares were just that, scares. A long walk home for many, but the buses are running - still overcrowded.

17:24 British Transport Police say "take a bus home", but the Bus system is still in chaos. (although running)

17:31 Blair says Muslims are overwhelmingly law-abiding and decent.

17:33 Platforms 8-10 at King's Cross have apparently re-opened. Blair is still expressing his sympathy.

17:43 All the Londonist staff would like to express their intense gratitude at the response we have received today. Thank you all for your sympathy on this awful day. We will see how far we can resume normal service tomorrow.

17:51 Still helicopters howling over central London; Islamic Cultural Centre is strongly condemning attacks.

18:02 There's little more to be said here; Londonist is ending coverage for the day. We'll be resuming the best coverage we can handle tomorrow. Also, if you're in Canada, Londonist may be on breakfast television there tomorrow.

Yeah, they hit us. But we didn't go down. Londonist's sympathies go to the victims, and we like to think of the hot sweat that is breaking out across the brows of a fair few terrorist nutters right now - we're coming for you, you fuckers.

Everyone else: Thank you, you guys rock. see you tomorrow.

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