Don't Jump!

By Lindsey Last edited 139 months ago
Don't Jump!

Sitting outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall on a sunny weekend afternoon a month or so ago this Londonista was thrown into anxiety spasms sighting a man apparently about to leap off the roof of Shell Mex House and plunge to his death in the Thames.

He stayed unnervingly still balanced up there on the edge with no clothes on.

Clearly, I just don’t care enough because I had tickets to a show and put it out of my mind. Swathes of more concerned Londoners, however, have been on proactive suicide watch ringing Antony Gormley’s rooftop nudes into the police as would-be jumpers.

Gormley’s 31 life sized statues of himself were installed against the skyline emanating from the exhibition at the Hayward Gallery at the beginning of May and don’t come down till August.

Police are resigned to a summer of TBD (Tourist Bewilderment Device) demystification.

See Londonist's map of Gormley’s bods here.

Image courtesy of buckaroo kid via the Londonist flickr group.

Last Updated 19 June 2007