I See Naked People

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I See Naked People

Antony Gormley who made the fabulous, public sculpture the Angel of the North near Gateshead, has a thing for nude people. Which, of course, is nothing new in a wide world of artistic talent. This time, however, Gormley is bringing his nudeness closer to us Londoners for our admiration and awe. Notice that the statues in question are life-sized. Yes, life-sized. Drunken Friday-night mistakes are sure to ensue.

The installation, called Event Horizon, consists of 31 sculptures cast from the artist's own body. Gormley's clone army will be placed atop buildings and public walkways in Westminster, Lambeth and Camden.

Gormley told the BBC he wanted “to recognise that...over 50% of the human population on this planet now live within the city…a totally constructed humanly made environment and what that means.”.

The cultural treat highlights the artist's Blind Light exhibition, on display May 17 to Aug 19 at the Hayward.

By Katja Nykänen

Image taken from Graeme Worsfold’s photostream.

Last Updated 03 May 2007