Random Graffiti of the Week

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Random Graffiti of the Week

These four unlikely bedfellows were found on a post outside the Globe Theatre. The maudlin chap to the right is easily identifiable as an UnderWaterPirate.

UWP's creator, from Philly, takes up the backstory:

UnderWaterPirates is a species of sea life from the deepest darkest parts of the ocean. A long time ago there was a very old pirate who was very happy. He loved himself and his life very much. Until one day all that was good was gone and he was left with nothing but lungs full of saltwater, and a ship at the bottom of the sea. It is from here the pirates were born. Lurking out of the sea one by one they came. Each one picking a spot to take post. Waiting and watching to find the old pirate's happiness so it can be returned, and his soul finally put to rest.

Keep an eye out for other examples of the malcontent bucaneers about town.

As for the colourful, cartoon monsters, We must confess ignorance. Are they characters from some ultrapopular cartoon that, tied to the internet, we've never seen? Or are they original work from another sticker artist? Any info joyously received.

Last Updated 04 May 2007


The bunny reminded me of the short parody movies on angryalien.com.


Hello there, I am the creator of the sticker to the far left. His name is Spook. as far as the rest, from L to R it goes like this: Spook, Dove, Buda, UnderWaterPirates. Myself, Buda, and UWP are all Philadelphia natives, while Dove is from Arizona. As far as info goes, nah its not part of a cartoon. We create dozens upon dozens of stickers of a character that we think of out of our imagination. Its almost like an alter-ego. Our whole point is just to get people to notice them all over the world. This picture makes me happy to see they are getting noticed.Hopefully there will be more of us around your area in the future.