Argh, It's A Dead Seascroll

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Argh, It's A Dead Seascroll

When Londonist originally heard that the Dead Sea Scrolls were being exhibited in London, an erroneous verbal concatenation took place which caused the communication to appear as, 'Dead Seascrolls'. We were curious – what are these Seascrolls? Are they washed-up aquatic behemoths, heaving their last sigh on some obscure Russian beach, causing the locals to run away, gasping in horror at nature's lost son?

No. They’re not that.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a set of manuscripts which have transformed understanding of the Torah, the Jewish Holy Book. And they're on their way to London for the first time. The Scrolls are part of an exhibition called 'Sacred: Discover what we share' at the British Library until 23rd September. The exhibition brings together some of the oldest texts from Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Other artefacts include one of the world's oldest Korans and Torah manuscripts. The Codex Sinaiticus, the oldest complete copy of the Greek New Testament, will also be on display.

Exhibition curator Graham Shaw commented, "These three religions account for how many billions of people conduct their lives." Londonist is all for common understanding among those with differing religious beliefs. Hopefully, the British Library will usher in an age of peace, love and understanding and there's nothing wrong with that is there now?

By Simon James

Last Updated 11 May 2007