UK's Smallest Road Marking?

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UK's Smallest Road Marking?

We’ve been giving the Guinness World Records a playful mauling lately. (Yes, we can be oxymoronic as well as moronic.) Their steady slide from must-have resource to watery fact porridge has been working our danders up for some time.

Islington Council aren’t as miffed with the good book, and clearly want a listing.

Residents in north London believe they have found one of the shortest yellow lines in the country in their street. The 18-inch parking restriction in Highbury Crescent…is just about long enough to fit one wheel.

Good to see the authorities are finally clamping down on unicyclists. Apparently, by reversing over Flat Eric. Nice work!

It’s all to do with separating residents’ bays and metered bays. A local councilor claims:

We've actually put it there to help drivers avoid parking in the wrong one and getting a ticket. In Islington we take a common sense approach to parking enforcement.

'Common sense', it seems, equates with ‘expensive’. Islington is the second priciest borough in London to park.

Photo nicked from the BBC article.

Last Updated 16 April 2007