Stop That. It's Silly.

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Stop That. It's Silly.

From the Beeb.

The cast and creators of Monty Python musical Spamalot are hoping to set a new record for the world's largest coconut orchestra...The public will be given a pair of coconuts to "clip-clop" in time to the Python classic Always Look On The Bright Side of Life.

Gallop over to Trafalgar Square (site of a former royal stables) on St George's Day (23 April) to take part, followed by a screening of the Holy Grail.

Now, we like a good dose of irreverence as much as the next blog. And hundreds of people clippety clopping in Tourist Central will reinforce that eccentric-Brit stereotype we all secretly cherish. But this world-record-for-doing-random-shit phenomenon is starting to grate.

Time was when the Guinness Book of Records ran a tight ship, brimming with a hold full of fact. The world's tallest, smallest, fastest, richest - a cavalcade of infocandy. These days, the records fall into two categories:

1) Completely subjective bollocks, such as Europe's merriest waiter or Canada's most maudlin nurse.

2) Niche nonsense like the most Hungarian goulash bowls licked by a goat in one hour.

The coconut stunt comes in the second category, and will no doubt be listed in the 2008 volume of the revered record book. Aren't there web sites for this ephemera? Can we have our cherished reference book back please?

We're going to hold our own record bid on the day: most Londonist writers to fart in the general direction of a Spamalot coconut orchestra. Their mothers smell of elderberries.

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