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We thought we’d take a break from linking up Onionbagblog, and instead sample a scallion of a different persuasion. Olly’s Onions serves up small helpings of news in a satirical sauce. A bit like The Onion, then. (What is this connection between bulbous edibles and current affairs piss-takes?) This week, Olly drops by a trendy boozer:

The White Swan just off Ladbroke Grove has been serving a loyal clientele for decades, but since it was converted into a 'gastropub' earlier this year regulars have been told they will need to complete a media training course to get a drink there…

And speaks to a Hyde Park hobo about the recent Budget:

I'm appalled at this latest tax rise. My only expenditure is on Special Brew and Woodbines. Once again hikes in excise duty have disproportionately hit me and my friends here and we demand to be told why we are singled out for this unfair treatment!

That’s shallot for onion-based blogs.

Diamond Geezer has been busy. As well as finding 10 seperate ways to celebrate the end of the slave trade, he visited Elton John's childhood home

See how the current owners hide their car beneath an all-enveloping tarpaulin, in much the same way that middle-aged Elton used to cover himself with a series of unconvincing wigs…And there's also a bus stop immediately outside the front door, should Sir Elton ever fancy using his new Freedom Pass to take a trip to Ruislip Lido aboard an H13.

He also pops into Stratford's first Starbucks and went to the slightly grander opening of Abercrombie and Fitch off Savile Row.

Tom Coates also likes posh shopping. Passing Savile Row tailors Gieves and Hawkes, he was intrigued by a homoerotic window display:

After a while I come to view them as a strangely subversive public gay photonovella. I therefore present the four photos that they had in the window—the only four (this is not a case of selective editing)—under the title, The conquests of a Silver Fox and posit that their clothing is now mostly being marketed at older gay men of phenomenal wealth who are looking to buy gifts for their younger male companions.

Last Updated 25 March 2007