Gherkin Sold

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Gherkin Sold

Yup, the towering innuendo has been sold by Swiss Reinsurance for over a billion dollars. German real estate company IVG are the proud new owners, but Swiss Re will remain the main tennants. OK, it's rather dull news. We got bored trying to work out if it means anything interesting. It doesn't. So here instead are an assortment of other things the investors could have got for their money...

- All the heart failure each year in Australia.

- Two battalions in the Australian army

- A state-of-the-art, submicron fabrication plant (?)

- One space shuttle launch

- One week of waging war in Iraq

- A new drug to market

According to a Google search for 'costs a billion dollars'.

The gherkin is not alone in being sold off, with the London office market booming. The far less iconic Citypoint building recently went for a little less, and speculation says the HSBC tower at Canary Wharf is next. Oddly, the latter will cost twice as much as the gherkin.

Last Updated 06 February 2007