Found: William Blake's True Grave

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Found: William Blake's True Grave

Certain bits of the capital are often mislabelled as 'Secret London' or 'Hidden London' in lazy guidebooks, when they're nothing of the sort. Amongst such places, Bunhill Fields reigns supreme. This non-conformist graveyard near Old Street is drenched in historical connection. It contains the bones of Defoe, Bunyan and - one of the Gods of London - William Blake.

Trouble is, the Blake tomb is a con. He's not buried there at all. Anyone who has read the recent Iain-Sinclair-edited mastercollection 'London: City of Disappearances' will know that Blake has done a vanishing act. He is buried within Bunhill Fields, but nobody knew quite where. Until now.

Inside Out (tonight 7.30, BBC1) tells Blake's story, and how his grave has now been located.

Luis and Carol Garrido have for the last 2 years by intricate research and use of a tape measure, located where the great man is buried. "We have discovered where the grave is, now it is up to London to decide upon and chose a fitting monument for the man who wrote Jerusalem."

And the BBC, never ones to miss a trick, give you that very opportunity. Follow the link to take part in a vote (of rather obvious outcome).

Last Updated 09 February 2007