Moats For Women!

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Moats For Women!

There aren't many bloke-only professions these days. Maybe Roman Catholic priests, operatic tenors, despots... (insert satirical comment about Maggie here). Today that list grows even shorter, with the appointment of the Tower's first female beefeater.

The unnamed recruit will turn up for duty in September. She'll wear the same blue and red work uniform as her male counterparts, specially cut for her figure. The appointment will finally allow mixed dancing lessons for the Yeomanry, who have been pining for female waltz partners for some time (see pic). However, the Tower were keen to stress that the applicant was selected on the basis of merit, and not for any ballroom skills.

Two women have applied before, neither were successful for the different vacancies they applied for...Because woman have been carving out careers in the forces...they are starting to come up. More women have got the criteria that they need.

Such as ability to eat beef, bellow at tourists and talk to ravens. Candidates also need 22 years' service in the armed forces, and certain medals to prove how hard they are. Just turning up to the interview and making like Brian Blessed is not enough, it seems.

Image taken from Wardi's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 03 January 2007