Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry...Green Lorry

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Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry...Green Lorry

Electric lorries are coming to London. Like milk floats on steroids, the fleet of 50mph 'Newton' vehicles will glide around the capital in the employ of delivery firm TNT. The company hopes to reduce pollution in the capital and get a C-charge discount to boot. And it's not just about emissions. The Newton's bodywork is built entirely from recycled materials, boosting its green credentials still further.

Kevin Harkin of the vehicle's developers, Smith, said:

Newton is beyond doubt the greenest 7.5 tonne commercial vehicle in the world, because it is the only truck that is truly zero emission. It is the perfect delivery vehicle for our urban centres, as it is practically silent and makes a positive contribution to air quality.

Excellent all round. Although a virtually silent 7.5-tonne truck carries some obvious dangers of its own. And, of course, all that electric power has to come from somewhere.

Incidentally, the truck in the image is not one of these new Newton things. It is a toy truck. These also have zero emissions, and can be parked virtually anywhere.

Last Updated 21 December 2006