Trams Vision Revamp

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Trams Vision Revamp

Public consultation time, folks. Oh, come on, stop yawning. What do you mean 'It's Monday morning'? It's good to have a say in things, isn't it?

Well, if you have an opinion about the proposed Cross-river tram route, now’s your chance to interject. TfL will this week present plans to the general populous and ask us what the deuce we think about them.

The scheme would see a mostly over-ground route connecting Camden Town and Kings Cross in the north to Peckham and Brixton in the south, crossing the river at Waterloo Bridge. Sadly, the trams will not make use of the long-abandoned tunnels under Kingsway and Aldwych, which are considered to be excessively haunted and scary.

With trams every two minutes at central stops, it’s hoped the route would ease congestion on the Northern and Victoria lines. The scheme is due to be fully operational by 2016.

Well, nice idea to bring the trams back. But we think everyone will agree that this is a much cooler idea.

Lots more details on the return of the trams here.

With apologies for the awkward play on words in the title, which most readers won't even get.

Last Updated 13 November 2006