London Salutes A New Champion

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London Salutes A New Champion

The campaign to award Sports Personality of the Year to Bob Cooper starts here.

Bob Who-per?

Bob Cooper, the 28-year-old Londoner and newly crowned international champion of rock paper scissors. Yes, people actually compete on the world stage for this coveted title. Mr Cooper beat around 500 opponents to take the gold medal, and a $7000 dollar prize at the 5th annual competition. But what's the secret of his success? As he told the World Rock Paper Scissors Society:

"I went through extensive training, read 'The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide', and studied the 27 possible RPS gambits before competing," said Cooper. "I prefer not to discuss my strategy because I plan to defend my title at next year's World Championships."

Nice to know that Britain is still producing sporting heroes. Meanwhile, allegations of foul play in the earlier stages have been uncovered, as this YouTube video discloses:

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Last Updated 20 November 2006