How’s This For An Upgrade?

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How’s This For An Upgrade?

Keep saving those air miles. Alan Watts from Harrow is about to swap his for the ultimate upgrade – a ride into space.

Mr Watts, manager of an electrical engineering firm, has accumulated over 2 million air miles on Virgin jets. And that’s enough to qualify for a free trip on one of Richard Branson’s fleet of space ships, due to enter service in 2009.

I saved up my flying club miles to go round the world with Virgin Atlantic - with this journey to space, I'll get to see the curvature of it too! It’s going to offer the best view in the world, and I can't wait to make history. The nearest I’ve come to space before was going on the Space Mountain ride in Florida.

There’s something so wonderfully British about using discount vouchers to book a trip into space. Let’s hope he remembers to take his cucumber sandwiches and weak lemon drink.

Meanwhile, we’ve been inspired to take our Nectar points more seriously. We’re going to give up the idea of trading them in for a George Foreman grill, and hold out for a similar space-age offer.

Last Updated 02 October 2006