Londonist’s Back Passage

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Londonist’s Back Passage

A tribute to the capital’s alleys, ginnels and snickleways.

8. Wild Court, WC2

Where? Relatively spacious route connecting Kingsway to Wild Street

What? A quiet sanctuary behind the Freemasons Hall on Great Queen Street. Frequented by upper-class gents with square briefcases and weird handshakes. It hasn’t always been so hushed, though. 150 years ago, over 1000 people (mostly Irish) resided here, in just 13 houses.

Why use? The passage leads nowhere useful and runs parallel to two alternative routes. But it is good, excellent in fact, for cycle parking. For all those biwheeled moaners who say there’s nowhere to chain up bikes in central London, well looky here. A five minute walk from the heart of Covent Garden and not a single velocipede in evidence, despite ample provision.

Also good for? 1. Ideal course for beginners’ croquet. 2. Playing knock-a-door-run with befuddled Freemasons.

Last Updated 07 September 2006