Is Your Jaw Made Out Of Alistair Cooke?

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Is Your Jaw Made Out Of Alistair Cooke?

Was it Ian Brown who sang ‘Corpses in their mouths’? We always wondered what the hell he was on about, but now it seems King Monkey had a sage-like prescience. According to the BBC (with some extrapolation by us) Londoners may be walking around with bits of Alistair Cooke in their gobs.

Yes, Alistair Cooke, the late broadcaster. His remains are amongst hundreds that have found their way into British hospitals…and thence into UK patients.

US company Biomedical Tissue Services allegedly exported body parts taken without relatives' permission. More than 1,000 body parts were reportedly plundered by gangs in New York and then sold for transplants.

It’s Burke and Hare meets the Sopranos.

The illicit, cadaverous shavings have been used for ‘hip replacements and jaw construction’ in 25 UK hospitals, which were named yesterday. The list includes Guy’s and the Royal London, and over 40 patients are involved. Although stringent screening procedures make infection unlikely, there may be other complications. Just wait till the Met start confiscating people’s jaws and cautioning them for harbouring stolen goods.

Last Updated 22 September 2006