Terror Threat Lowered, Planes Back To Normal?

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Terror Threat Lowered, Planes Back To Normal?

We can all now relax a little as the chances of a terror attack are merely 'highly likely' rather than 'imminent'. The threat level has at last been downgraded by the home office to its second highest flavour.

The US Department of Homeland Security has correspondingly downgraded its threat level for flights from the UK from code red to code orange (that's Elmo to Ernie for those who favour the Sesame Street terror alert system).

So what does this mean for us? Home Secretary John Reid will make a joint statement with the Transport Secretary at 7.30 am. According to the Beeb, they will announce that hand luggage will be back on the menu today, though some restrictions will remain.

Meanwhile, a BA flight to New York decided to head home after a mysterious mobile phone was heard ringing. No one claimed ownership, so the plane dumped its fuel and about-faced. These are paranoid times indeed.

Last Updated 14 August 2006