Eyes Of The World

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Eyes Of The World

The London Eye is still undoubtedly the most famous observation wheel in the world, but for how much longer? Plans have just been announced for a wheel in Berlin that would trump ours by a whopping 40 m.

Since London got its Eye, a rash of wheels have been proposed and built all over the world. And ours is no longer the tallest – that accolade now belongs to Nanchang in China, at least unofficially. In just five years, the London Eye might only be the sixth tallest in the world. Time we jacked it up a little.

Las Vegas (proposed): 183 m

Berlin (proposed): 175 m

Shanghai (proposed): 170 m

Singapore (under construction): 165 m

Nanchang: 160 m

London: 135 m

Melbourne: 120 m

Birmingham: 60 m

York: 54 m

Last Updated 04 August 2006