Spiky Spuds 2: The New Batch

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Spiky Spuds 2: The New Batch

They're back...and they've evolved. The spike-ridden potatoes that recently enlivened a trip along the 55 bus route seem to have mutated into a fresh strain. Reader Simon tipped us off, with an accurate description:


Good news - a new generation of these 'bus-stop potatopines' has recently appeared along the no 55 route. They are even more complex and sophisticated than the first batch, featuring more richly patterned bodies and an inner and outer sphere of prongs, using cotton buds as well as cocktail sticks this time.

And they're a bastard to photograph unless you happen to be well over six foot tall.

We followed the trail from Shoreditch to Holborn, but it may stretch beyond. Has anyone seen them further afield, and do we know who the artist might be? We want to interview them, dammit.

Last Updated 22 November 2019