Bus Stop Art Fun

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Last Updated 26 April 2006

Bus Stop Art Fun
Bus stop art.jpg

Old Street and its environs are famous for guerilla art. Half the buildings in the area are practically held together by a decades-thick veneer of spray paint, posters and wheatpaste. But in recent months, this creative street art has come 'off the wall' and entered the third dimension. A slew of surreal objects has been left atop the area's bus shelters. Why? We don't know. It's bonkers. But brilliant. We particularly like this series of pronged potato-type things along the 55 route between Clerkenwell Road and Shoreditch High Street. The beauty is that they're entirely invisible unless you're on the top deck of a bus.

Think we just found the clinching argument for getting rid of the single-decker bendys and bringing back the Routemaster.