Our Second Birthday's Coming Up...Hint Hint

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Our Second Birthday's Coming Up...Hint Hint

We’re going to have to start a new category soon. Stupidly expensive stuff goes on sale at Harrods. This week, it’s whisky (or ‘whiskey’ as the source article sacrilegiously spells it). The Islay distillery of Ardbeg is offering its rare 1965 single-malt for £2000. That’s, like, nearly £3 a millilitre. Or, put a more familiar way, £150 for a double. Frankly, we'd expect thrice-distilled unicorn piss for that price.

A Harrods’ spokesperson explained:

There is a demand for it (despite its high price) simply because there are a number of connoisseurs who love collecting something very rare and very prestigious - and then there are the people who actually drink it.

So, if you ever get offered some, don’t ask for a splash of coke. For the rest of us, this is what we’re missing out on:

If they choose to drink it rather than collect it, (they) would expect a smoky whiskey with the aroma of the sea and saltiness coming through it.

Smoky? Sea salt? In other words, it tastes like Brighton Pier.

Last Updated 17 July 2006