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As most readers will know, Londonist is just one of an all-singing, all-typing, multi-continental set of –ist sites, from LAist to Shanghaist. Scroll up a bit, and, look, there they are at the top of the page. But now, thanks to a blog with a little more imagination than us, the ‘Istiverse’ appears to be expanding into fictional cities too.


David of Ironic Sans has mocked up ist-like logos for 12 famous yet unreal locations, from the Simpson’s Springfield to Robocop’s Delta City. We’re also looking forward (backward?) to a Stone Age presence courtesy of Bedrockist (where Fred Flintstone presumably uses Yabbadabba-doo-Tube to upload his movie files).

Hmm, you’ll have to excuse us now. We have a potentially lucrative proposal to put to Rockstar Games for a certain upcoming release.

Last Updated 27 July 2006