Londonist Stalks…Doctor Who

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Londonist Stalks…Doctor Who

Pounding the streets of London in search of obscure buildings and forgotten sculptures is far too much like hard work with the current sticky weather. So we thought we’d put together a Stalk from the comfort of the couch. Purely as a bit of fun. So, here’s our stalk of Dr Who.

Tardis outside Earls Court 027.jpg

Who Lives Where?

When he’s not living in the Tardis, the Doctor might be found at a number of addresses in and around the capital. Naturally, Baker Street is the obvious place to start looking, but there’s also a Davison Drive (Cheshunt), a Troughton Road (Greenwich), a Hartnoll Road (Holloway), a Tennants Row (Tilbury) and Eccleston Square (Victoria). We have to go as far as Chelmsford to find Pertwee Close. McCoy and McGann seem to have slipped out of the time stream altogether. Perhaps that’s no bad thing. Hiding away to the south, the Doctor’s arch enemy is in residence at Master Close. Sadly, there’s no Dalek Avenue, and true Londoners are not born within the sound of ‘Face of Bo’ Bells.

On Location

We’ve also mapped out the locations of many famous Dr Who moments. From that piss-poor scene in Terror of the Zygons when a glove-puppet Nessie appears on Milbank, to the Shad Thames warehouses of Resurrection of the Daleks. Not much from the revived series, however; that’s all shot in Cardiff.

We must, at this point, refer you over to Diamond Geezer, who’s done a sterling job of tracking down all these locations, saving us lots of finger work.

Now, we’re not exactly Dr Who experts, so we want your help. We’ve left the Platial map open for anyone to edit. So, if you know of any locations we haven’t covered, feel free to go in and update the Stalk. There’s also the facility to add trivia and filming notes to the entries. We’ll send a packet of jellybabies to anyone who makes a decent contribution.

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