Crossrail Threatens Immigrant Museum

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Crossrail Threatens Immigrant Museum
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Crossrail. Will they, won’t they? This project has been hanging around longer than a sloth in a gibbet. And seems to be causing a comparable stink. At least with the residents of Spitalfields and Whitechapel, where ‘No to Crossrail’ signs are as common as Brick Lane tikka touts.

Today, a new concern about the much-delayed rail link surfaced. The Museum of Immigration and Diversity, at 19 Princelet Street, claim that construction work could undermine the foundations of the museum, which is ‘on the Buildings At Risk Register and needs major work to prevent the walls and ceilings from collapsing’. Eek, they didn’t tell us that when we paid a visit a few weeks ago.

The museum’s chairperson, Susie Symes, will be giving ‘evidence’ to the select committee handling the Crossrail bill later this month. If the project goes ahead, and she turns out to be correct, the Museum may have to close. This would be a sad, sad loss. The building, half derelict, is immensely atmospheric, and tells its stories in unique ways. The former synagogue and home of Huguenot silk weavers raises important questions at a time when immigration is once again one of the pressing issues of the day.

Transport for London say tish and pish to the claims:

The museum will not be affected by the work nor damaged by the tunnelling which will be more than 100ft below ground.

Hmmm, well, perhaps these people might have an interesting retort. Or these.

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Last Updated 05 June 2006