Snacks In The City

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Snacks In The City

(Mustn't make 'taking the biscuit' pun. Mustn't make 'taking the biscuit' pun.)

A new piece of concept art in Selfridge's basement is really taking the biscuit.


Fans of Sim City will be delighted to hear that the game has at last seemingly been released in the eagerly anticipated biscuit format. A team of artists led by Song Dong is creating the 12 m 'city' out of assorted digestives, custard creams and, yes, even a jammy dodger or two.

The work, entitled 'Eat the City' is Mr Dong's chosen method of highlighting the identikit development of Chinese cities. Following similar projects in Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai and Paris, the model contains little houses, towers and stadia hewn from biscuit.

Some might call the idea crackers. Others would point out that crackers are an altogether crunchier, brittler snack.

Members of the public are invited to hobnob with the artists as they piece together their confectionary erections from 72,000 individual biscuits. The only exclusions are people wearing hoodies, and anyone answering to the name Hansel or Gretel.

The fun really starts on Wednesday afternoon, when the sugar-coated city is scheduled to be eaten. Yes, eaten. By anyone who happens to be in the building. It's not clear yet who will supply the 100,000 cups of tea that the Great British Public will require for dunking purposes.

[Londonist wishes to apologise for the higher-than-usual quotient of weak gags and obvious puns in the preceding article. Londonist does not condone such denigration of the English language and the writer has since been snacked, erm, sacked.]

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