Monday Miscellanea

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Monday Miscellanea

This day in London’s History

Bit of a Royal anniversary, today. The little-celebrated Queen Anne (look, there she is to the right. Isn't she gorgeous?) was born in St James Palace on this day in 1665. The poor lass became pregnant at least 18 times, but never spawned anything that lived beyond childhood. We also celebrate a royal death today. Charles II died of kidney ailments on February 6th 1685, in Whitehall. (It really is an auspicious day for our glorious sovereigns. Queen Liz adds another year to her continuous service record today, having become de facto monarch whilst in a Kenyan treehouse in 1952. That’s bound to crop up in a pub quiz, so remember it.)

London fact of the week

There are only two tube stations that contain all the vowels: Mansion House and South Ealing. Good one to test your friends on, and another one to remember for pub quizzes.

London person of the week

Sol Campbell. All the very best to you, Sir!

One thing you must do in London this week

Stargazing is a rare pleasure in our hazy, illuminated city. So why not get along to the Greenwich Royal Observatory on Wednesday and Friday evenings this week for a play with their 28-inch refractor? [Insert predictable Uranus joke here.]

One thing you must not do in London this week

Insult clowns. They’re vicious bastards.

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