Almost Like A Whale

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Almost Like A Whale
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It seems like The Whale may have been part of an exchange program. While the seven-ton monster made its fatal commute into central London, a Borehamwood resident took a record-breaking decent into the great blue abyss.

Leigh Cunningham, with co-diver Mark Andrews, has broken the record for deepest wreck dive after flippering his way down to 205 m in the Red Sea. According to his mother:

It is a dice with death. Nobody's ever been that deep before. It's unchartered [sic] territory. You need a back-up team of 50 people with nine doctors.

It’s like diving with Mariah Carey.

For the record, the deepest SCUBA dive ever, also in the Red Sea, is an incredible 318 m, while the greatest free dive (i.e. no oxygen tank) is an insane 200 m.

Borehamwood is no stranger to headline-making divers. Last summer, Will Goodman, from the same area, broke the record for longest open-water dive by staying under for 24 hours. It must be something in the water.

Last Updated 24 January 2006