Camden Vs. Climate Change

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Camden Vs. Climate Change

How often do people praise their local council for something? Probably about as seldom as they commend traffic wardens or applaud the work of Steve Penk. But Londonist salutes forward-thinking Camden Council, as it reveals plans to install wind turbines atop its town hall in Argyle Street. And, no, we’re not talking about those massive wind farms that regularly get NIMBYs into a tizzy. These are discrete little baby turbines that will sit unnoticed by all but the dancing chimneysweeps London is famous for. If the plan goes ahead, the turbines will provide the power for a fleet of electric cars, as well as helping with the lighting and heating. The scheme sounds magnificent to us, and we hope the idea catches on.

The turbine plans are just part of Camden’s laudable environmental policy. The council recently announced its full climate change action plan and are inviting Londoners to provide feedback via an on-line form. (Unfortunately, this seems to be in PDF format only, so the technically challenged will have to print the thing out rather than saving energy by replying electronically.) Go fill it in now, and let’s help make (North) London a better, greener place.

Illustration taken from Camden's climate change action plan

Last Updated 28 July 2005