Harry Potter and the half-baked promotion

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Harry Potter and the half-baked promotion

The latest tome from JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Pubed Bints Half-Blood Prince is almost upon us. As part of the inevitable media frenzy in the run up to its publication, Rowling has announced a competition to make the launch that extra bit special for one lucky child.

One Potter-swotting brat will have the chance to give an exclusive TV interview with Rowling. (It’s cheaper than getting Paxman in and Frost would nod off whilst trying to say Dumbledore.) To get there, four 8-to-16-year-olds will pit their juvenile wits against one another on a televised quiz to find the UK’s number one fan. They’ll then be given the keys to the chocolate factory and groomed to succeed its owner…oh, hang on, wrong child-based competition.

According to the Times

"The winner will be whisked to Edinburgh Castle and given a preview of the sixth novel, then join 70 children who will question Rowling at a press conference on July 16, its publication day. But only the winner will have the opportunity to talk to the author head to head."

We assume most of our readership are too old to apply, but if you want to dress up as Jimmy Crankie and take your chances, you can enter here.

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Last Updated 09 June 2005