The Best Songs About London Places: Mapped

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The Best Songs About London Places: Mapped

A few weeks ago, after casually humming Baker Street to ourselves, we set about creating a map of songs with London street names in their title.

Little did we know what we'd let ourselves in for. Turns out there are not just loads of songs with London street names, but a ton that name-check London districts too.

We've pulled together a map of our favourites — from stone cold classics like Waterloo Sunset to the rather more esoteric strains of Neasden by Willie Rushton.

Click on the icons in the map above to find out more about the song and who sang it: the music notes represent London streets featured in song titles, the guitars represent districts.

We're sure to have missed out a few, so let us know any other London street/neighbourhood songs in the comments below.

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Featured image by Stephanie Sadler in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 12 April 2016