Has Anyone Immortalised Your 'Hood In Song?

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 37 months ago
Has Anyone Immortalised Your 'Hood In Song?

What did you do over Christmas? We spent far too long browsing YouTube in search of songs people have made about particular parts of London. We set two rules: the music has to be original, and the accompanying video has to feature the area in question. This is what we dug up — tell us what we missed in the comments.

Stoke Newington

Comedian Helen Arney wrote this ditty about stereotypical gentrification several years ago. Has it got worse? You tell us. We can't afford to live there.

Tooting Bec

We want to go for a dip now, December be damned. (Probably no ice to break at the moment, though.)


This is pretty cheesy, but it tickles those of us with SE13 postcodes.

Lewisham bonus

This brilliant track by The Square came about after MC Izzie Gibbs challenged the grime group's Novelist to a rap battle. Novelist set the venue as Lewisham McDonald's but Gibbs didn't show. The video's too good not to share. (Vocals are not safe for work, btw.)


We know this is bending our rules somewhat, the entire video being animated, but the lyrics are visual enough to conjure real visions of SW19.

Last Updated 29 December 2015