3 Songs To Make You Love The Tube

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 30 months ago
3 Songs To Make You Love The Tube

People really love the tube. Maybe not so much at rush hour while crammed nose to shoulder blade with what feels like most of the population of Zone 2, but there's still enough affection to inspire some original songs about the Underground*. Here are three we dug up while a bit bored one evening.

The stations of Zone 1

Joe Mo√ęd has shoehorned all the tube stations in central London into the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance.

Every tube station

Jay Foreman, of course, scoffs at the idea of stopping at Zone 1. He's written a song covering all 270 stations. Beat that.

The Northern line

This is about six years old and, judging by the comments, ended up in The Metro, after which several people swung by to hate it (comments now removed). They're fools: this sweet little song about people actually talking on the tube is rather lovely. And we love the video's concept of traversing the Northern line above ground.

*We're aware there are some other songs, some very sweary songs, about how awful the Underground and everyone who works for it is. Kind of brought down the vibe though.

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Jon Millwood

From Amateur Transplants (who did the London Underground song), I can't find a video link buts its on their In Theatre album.
to the tune of Circle of Life

From the time you arrive at Embankment.
It's ten minutes 'til you reach Sloane Square.
Then Notting Hill Gate, and Great Portland Street,
And at Euston you're half the way there.
At Kings Cross and St Pancras,
You're starting to get bored with this train.
Now an hour has passed. You're at Temple at last.
Then it's back to Embankment again.
It's the Circle Line

Stuart Keenan

Tunnel Sounds did one which covered all 270 as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Tube Geek

The best bit about the 3rd is the video! Travelling the Northern Line by Google! I'm going to do that but complete the Tube Challenge!