Cyclist Killed In Collision At Elephant And Castle

cycleA cyclist has died in a collision with an HGV on Tuesday afternoon at Elephant and Castle.

The cyclist, a 47 year-old man, died at the scene after being involved in the collision at Walworth Roundabout around 4pm. The driver has since been arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving.

Yesterday’s fatality is the fifth on London’s roads this year. In April, Victor Manuel Ben Rodriguez died following a collision with an HGV at Ludgate Circus and Leon Richards was killed in a hit and run in Clapham. In February, Kevin Lane died after a collision with car in South Woodford, and Michael Mason died three weeks after a crash in Regent Street.

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) points out that Elephant and Castle ‘has the highest collision rates for cycling, including one of the worst fatality records, of any location in Greater London’. It also highlighted the inadequacy of both improvements already made to the roads in the area and TfL’s proposals for enhancing cycling provision.

The police are appealing for witnesses to the crash — call the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Catford Traffic Garage 020 8285 1574 with any information.

Photo by Shibani Bose in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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  • Andrea Casalotti

    Sadly, and much less reported, twelve pedestrians have also been killed in London so far this year.

    • Matt

      Of course you’re right it’s not reported, but please consider that pedestrians have pavements and crossing that they can use. Cyclists have to share the road with motorists with little or no protection. If all that came between pedestrians and cars was a bit of blue paint, i’d see your point.

      So sorry for his family.

      • Andrea Casalotti

        The point I was trying to make is that political decisions have been taken that prioritise the convenience of motorists over the safety of ordinary citizens. People are getting killed when walking and cycling because of these abominable choices taken by Johnson.

        Pedestrians have pavements but they need to cross streets.

        And in this country there is a Third World attitude that a motor confers someone more rights. Look at the lack of respect motorists have for the Highway Code when they turn into side roads without giving way to pedestrians.

  • Giles Cudmore

    I find the reporting of cycle deaths a little troubling, if a genuine accident then no news story is needed really, when a driver is arrested though then it isn’t an accident of course.

    • Dave H

      You seem to be confusing ‘arrested’ with ‘convicted’.

  • James Guppy

    I would avoid the Ele and Castle rounabout at all costs if you’re a cyclist – it is pretty easy to avoid as there is good connectivity in most of the feeder roads around it….there are so many large construction vehicles in that area at the moment.

  • BadBit Dino

    London; The cyclist’s meat grinder!

    • BethPH

      I see what you did there.

  • Carlos Cruz

    Sadly, but the problem is London is not a good shape for cycling, most of times the cyclists has to much right and no duties. ast week, a cyclist crashed and smashed my car and drove away.

    if I had bumped into him bike, I’d be arrested.

  • Kris

    Are you a cyclist? Would you care join us in a memorial protest for the victim at Elephant and Castle on the 21st of May between 5:30pm and 6:30pm? Check out this link for sign up to the event! Thanks in advance!