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07 March 2013 | By: Dean Nicholas

Battersea Power Station, Now With Added Roller Coaster

Battersea Power Station, Now With Added Roller Coaster

One of the myriad schemes cooked up for Battersea Power Station in the 1980s was a theme park. It never materialised, but the image above offers a glimpse of how great it might have been.

The pic is from a competition-winning entry by French design studio Atelier Zündel Cristea, who responded to a brief that called for a reinvention of Battersea as a exhibition space dedicated to architecture by lassoing an enormous roller coaster around the perimeter.

In reality the site is part of a multi-billion pound redevelopment. Sure, it'll provide lots of housing (albeit mainly for rich folk), jobs and a Northern line extension. But we'd give it all up for just one ride on the coaster.

More images over at Dezeen.

Other ideas for Battersea Power Station:

- As Chelsea's new stadium

- As a partially-ruined public park

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