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09 January 2013 | Art & Photography, Transport | By: M@

Londonist Underground: iPad Drawings Of The Tube

Londonist Underground: iPad Drawings Of The Tube

Continuing our series of art work inspired by subterranean London.

Nadja Ryzhakova, whose work we've featured before, fingered out these illustrations of stations on her iPad. The first two images show underground spaces (one surreal, one 'from life'), while the other two show mainline concourses, the portals into the underground world.

The art work forms part of our ongoing Londonist Underground series, tying in with the Tube's 150th anniversary. We're still looking for further entries. All you need to do is imagine something — anything — underneath London and create some kind of image (painting, drawing, collage, sculpture...) to share your idea. The image could be fictional or fact based — from a secret bunker of unicorns beneath Mile End, to a serious painting of your favourite Tube station. So long as it's underneath London, we want to see it. Send entries to matt@londonist.com as soon as possible (no deadline, but we're hoping to organise an exhibition soon).


great artwork!