The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse

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The Porterhouse is the London offshoot of an independent Irish brewer of the same name. This Covent Garden institution is right in the middle of touristville, and does indeed pull in many an out-of-towner. It's so cavernous, however, that you'll nearly always find a table. The interior is a maze of wooden walkways, booths and areas, neatly framed in brass fittings. The pub's website claims that the bar is spread over 12 different levels, although most of them are just a couple of steps higher than the neighbouring areas. We've also seen it written that this is London's largest pub. We have our doubts about that, but there's no denying its roominess.

The beer menu is also vast. This isn't so much about the kegs and casks — the offering is well above average, but not as well-stocked as, say, the Craft Beer Co. pubs. Instead, it's a near infinite range of bottles that won this place fame. Still, the various tipples from the Porterhouse brewery are worth exploring, and the oyster stout remains as reliable as ever.

If the darkened interior is too much for a summer's day, there's a small seating area out front on Maiden Lane. Also, look out for occasional live music in the basement.

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Last updated June 2015.


Address: 21-22 Maiden Lane London WC2E 7NA

Phone: 020 7379 7917

[email protected]


Monday: noon-11pm

Tuesday: noon-11pm

Wednesday: noon-11pm

Thursday: noon-11pm

Friday: noon-11.30pm

Saturday: noon-midnight

Sunday: noon-10.30pm

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