The Bedford

The Bedford

This pub was editorially chosen for inclusion by Londonist.

The good old Bedford is famed throughout London for its live events. A friendly if visually unmemorable pub is transformed into something truly special by the 'Shakesperian Globe Theatre' round the back, which hosts something pretty much every night of the year. Music, comedy, cabaret, name it, they do it. Best of all, entry is often free, with gratis gigs every Mon-Thur night. It almost feels like you're sneaking into something you should be paying for, but just walk right on in. Previous acts included early gigs by The Clash and U2, so you never know what up-and-coming superstars you might see.

The rest of the pub is large, serviceable and down-to-earth, if nothing special, with a fairly average range of beers and food options, yet somewhat smarter than your typical gig venue. Built into an old pre-Victorian inn, you can't miss the place if you're wandering round the area.

Quiz night is Sunday.


Address: 77 Bedford Hill London SW12 9HD

Phone: 0208 682 8940



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