| By: N Quentin Woolf

Londonist Out Loud: A Podcast For London, 1 November 2011

Welcome to the latest episode of Londonist Out Loud, a podcast about London. You can listen in-browser, or subscribe via iTunes or RSS. This week's show is sponsored by www.LaptopRepair.co.uk.

News and Views
Londonist Out Loud is presented and produced by N Quentin Woolf. This week, NQW hosts the show from the new Hawksmoor restaurant at Guildhall. Joining him for a full English are:

The guests discuss recent news and features about London, including the Shit London awards, the best breakfasts in town, metal thieves, recent events at the Occupation camp outside St Paul's, Wear a Woolley Hat Day, and an outdoor gallery in Shoreditch.

What’s On In London
NQW rounds up the best new exhibitions and shows opening over the coming week.

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