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Londonist Out Loud: A Podcast About London, 1 February 2013

Welcome to the latest episode of Londonist Out Loud, a podcast about London. You can listen in-browser, or subscribe via iTunes or RSS. We’re now also available on Stitcher.

Londonist Out Loud is presented and produced by N Quentin Woolf. This week’s show comes from Atlantis Book Shop, and looks at the more mystical side of London, with two guests whose interests include folklore, magic and the occult. Needless to say, the name Aleister Crowley gets a mention or two.

The guests discuss occult London before turning to the week's news. Topics include the aftermath of the Vauxhall helicopter crash, airport expansion, busker auditions, London's rubbish and littering, transport updates, LGBT History Month and other matters.

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