Thameslink Season Ticket Holder? Thameslink Could Contact You This Week With Compensation

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Thameslink Season Ticket Holder? Thameslink Could Contact You This Week With Compensation

There might finally be some good news for long-suffering Thameslink passengers this week, as the train company begins contacting customers who are eligible for additional compensation.

In light of the extreme disruption that Thameslink and Great Northern customers experienced when the timetable changes were introduced in May, it was announced that passengers would be able to claim extra compensation on top of the usual Delay Repay scheme.

Who is eligible for Thameslink enhanced compensation?

The 'enhanced compensation' is available to regular travellers on certain routes, whether they're season ticket holders or not, who travelled between 20 May and 28 July 2018. You can check whether your route/station is eligible on Thameslink's route eligibility checker.

Season ticket holders need to have a minimum of one week's worth of season ticket for the qualifying period. Weekly, monthly, annual, paper, The Key and Oyster season tickets are all eligible, along with contactless weekly capped fares.

Regular travellers who don't have a season ticket need to have a minimum of three days' worth of tickets for each Monday-Sunday period they are claiming for, with a maximum claim of five return tickets per week.

How can Thameslink customers claim enhanced compensation?

The first phase of compensation begins on 29 August, when Thameslink begins contacting season ticket holders it believes are eligible. These will be customers who provided contact details when they purchased their season ticket.

Once this phase is complete, around the end of September, Thameslink will open an online claim form, where other season ticket holders who believe they are due compensation will be able to apply. Finally, non-season ticket holders who use the route regularly will be able to apply.

What do I need to claim Thameslink enhanced compensation?

You'll need to have copies of the tickets/receipts and bank statements/Oyster or contactless journey history to prove that you bought tickets for the dates you're claiming for. If you don't have these, claims will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How much compensation will Thameslink passengers get?

That's not a simple question to answer, and it depends which stations you were travelling between, but it equates to between one week and four weeks of travel.

Find out more about Thameslink's enhanced compensation, how much you could get back, and how you can apply.

Last Updated 28 August 2018

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