Tube Map Shows The Cheapest Pint Near Every Tube Station

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Last Updated 17 July 2019

Tube Map Shows The Cheapest Pint Near Every Tube Station
Tube map of pint prices.
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"Excuse me, what's your cheapest pint?"

Adam Stead phoned the nearest pub to every tube station and asked this question. The 270 responses are presented on the map above.

The results are intriguing. The cheapest pint is a mere £1.89 and, believe it or not, it's on offer in well-heeled Fulham. Head to the Oyster Rooms above Fulham Broadway station, and a Greene King Ruddles Best can be yours for less than the cost of a cycle hire. The New Fairlop Oak in Fairlop would have you tender the same for a pint of Kozel. Both pubs belong to the Wetherspoon's empire, you will not be surprised to hear.

The most expensive pint, meanwhile, was a £5.55 slog of Frontier at the Union Tavern, Westbourne Park. Remember, that's the lowest price you'll pay for a pint in that particular pub. The Union can offer you nothing south of a fiver.

Adam conducted this gruelling research for StoreKit, a company that specialises in card-payment systems. He's spliced and diced his data in many imaginative ways, summarised in three blog posts. Find out which line offers the best-value pub crawl. Discover which tube station is farthest from any pub. What's the cheapest zone to drink in, and the most consistently affordable brand of beer? Or, if you're so inclined, you can drill down into his data, criticise his methodology and challenge his definition of a pub.

At the very least, this could be a handy strategic tool for planning when you're going to get your round in, should you be embarking on a tube-enabled pub crawl.