Get This Trippy Tube Merch In Your Life

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Get This Trippy Tube Merch In Your Life

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Various colourful merchandise - cushions, sweaters, rucksacks
It's the tube in a jazzy parallel dimension.

In love with the tube? Adore groovy, avant garde art? Then your next stop should be the Tube Lines collection by renowned artist and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman.

Sip your pre-commute brew from this funky "Circuitous Circle Line" mug.

Furman — whose work has been exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Milan and Tel Aviv to name a few — has taken the much-loved visuals of the tube and its famous moquette, and turned it on its head, creating his own fun, funky take with this quirky collection of merch.

Turn heads on the Bakerloo line with this "Bakerloo Boogie Woogie" snazzy tote.

Playfully deconstructing, twisting and skewing the tube's iconography, Furman's collection includes patterns like "Bakerloo Boogie Woogie", "DLR Daydream", "Mighty Metropolitan" and "Innovative Elizabeth Line". It's like taking the tube to a parallel dimension, where everything's funky!

Stay hydrated on stifling tube trips in style, with this groovy "District Line Deuteronomy" water bottle.

You can buy: Mugs for your pre-commute coffee. Tote bags that'll turn heads on the Bakerloo line. Snuggly cushions for when you're settling down to catch up on London Underground documentaries. Rucksacks in which you can stash your Tube Lines water bottle, t shirt and sun hat 😉

Take the front seat of fashion with this "DLR Daydream" t shirt.

Furman's work can be found in the collections of the Design Museum, Sir John Soane's Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Victoria.

And now it could be in YOUR collection, too!

Stash all your other Tube Lines merch in this nifty "Heinous Hammersmith & City" rucksack.

Whether you're a London geek, an art savant — or you just really love the pretty patterns — snap up some of this merch pronto!

(And psssst! All this gear makes for an original gift for someone special, too.)

Don't be a mug: get stuck into this terrific transport collection.

Browse the Tube Lines collection by Adam Nathaniel Furman.

Last Updated 07 July 2022