What's The Worst Thing About The Tube? The Poll Results Are In

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What's The Worst Thing About The Tube? The Poll Results Are In
A roundel chart of tube gripes

Worst thing about the tube? People who barge on without waiting for others to get off.

That's the overwhelming conclusion of our totally unscientific opinion poll into the biggest gripes with the Underground.

We asked members of our Roundel Ramblings group to nominate their pet peeves in a Facebook poll. Responders could check one of the existing options, or nominate their own.

The chart shown above displays the top ten responses, along with the share of the top 10 vote. The absolute number of votes are as follows.

Barging on to train 171
Not taking off backpack 93
Standing on the left on escalators 64
Not moving down inside train 61
General overcrowding 33
People who don't have ticket ready at gate 24
Smelly food 20
Manspreading 18
Being asked to move when there's no room 14
Small children taking up seats 13

Other responses to the question 'what is the most annoying thing about the tube' included: 'People who touch in/out with their phone and take ages', 'people who try to hurl themselves onto a train when the doors are closing and there's another one 1 minute behind', and 'Arsenal fans'.

We've learnt two things: (1) Standing on the left isn't hated nearly as much as we imagined; (2) tube moquettes don't work very well in pie charts.

How would you have voted?

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Last Updated 30 April 2019