All You Need To Know About The Upcoming Tube Strike

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All You Need To Know About The Upcoming Tube Strike
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***UPDATE: This tube strike has been suspended.***

It's true: there's going to be another tube strike — well two actually — as more than 3,000 members of the RMT union plan to walk out over ticket office closures and job cuts.

And it's kicking off on Sunday, unless last-ditch talks are resolved.

Here's what you need to know so far...

When will the strike take place?

The first kicks off from 6pm Sunday 5 February until 09.59am on Monday 6 February. Then there's another from 10am on Tuesday 7 February until 00.59 on Wednesday 8 February.

Which lines and stations will it affect?

Brace yourselves, it's looking like all of them. Remember January's massive shutdown of the majority of Zone 1 stations? Yeah, a repeat of that. Most will be shut or close at short notice for safety reasons.

So if you're coming in from King's Cross, Paddington, Euston, Bank and London Bridge, there won't be an interchange.

Here's a map of the areas affected. Coloured lines are likely to run at times, the greyed out are unlikely to open at all.

Click for larger version.

Will anything run?

Here's what Transport for London is expecting at the moment:

(Source: TfL)

What will the bus, road etc. situation be like?

TfL has warned that National Rail services, bus routes and the roads of course, will be very busy indeed. It has advised against driving in central London unless it's essential, and, if you have to, stick to the north and south circular roads and/or the M25.

If you're aiming for a bus, use pay as you go with an Oyster or contactless card — they don't accept cash. Here's a handy bus and walking map if you're not used to getting the bus.

Should I brave getting on my bike?

Quite possibly. Rather helpfully, Halfords has announced it'll offer free bike checks across all of its London shops. So you can get your brakes, gears, wheels etc. checked out before braving the roads. No need to book either — just turn up with your bike.

How can I get more information?

TfL will be updating its special strike page with more information as and when it has it, which also includes status updates, traffic status and docking station info for Santander Cycles (they were very in demand last time round...).

Any chance it won't happen?

There's still hope — talks are currently ongoing between Tube bosses and the RMT. And there has been progress.

The TSSA, which joined in on the last Tube strike, has said it won't be involved in this one after saying London Underground's offer of more jobs "goes some way towards restoring adequate safety on the Tube". Talks are ongoing to clarify details made in the proposal.

Is there more to come?

Yes, be warned – unless this dispute is resolved, there will be more planned in March. The RMT is planning fresh dates.

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Last Updated 03 February 2017