TfL's Famous Lost Property Office Is Moving To South Kensington

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TfL's Famous Lost Property Office Is Moving To South Kensington

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Lost property office
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The much celebrated refuge of lost umbrellas, bags and prosthetic limbs, is on the move.

It's an unwritten rule of London journalism. Every features editor must, at some point, commission an article or video about Transport for London's lost property office. (Of course, ours is the best.)

Expect a whole new barrage of features, with news that the facility is shuffling round the Circle line from Baker Street to South Kensington.

Inside TfL's Baker Street lost property office
Image TfL

The lost property office is famous for the roll-call of unusual items that have been collected over the years. Objects include a life-size gorilla statue, a 40 inch television, hundreds of sex toys and an urn of ashes. All found on a bus, tube, tram or other TfL service, among the 900 other items handed in each day.

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On the one hand, it's a pity that the office is moving from Baker Street after 86 years. The cavalcade of mysterious objects sat very happily opposite the home of Sherlock Holmes. On the other hand, its new address puts it in the museum quarter, which also feels appropriate.

TfL lost property window
People have been losing mobile phones on the tube since before anyone realised mobile phones existed. Image M@

The new and larger store is on Pelham Street, immediately south-east of South Kensington tube station. The Baker Street office will remain open until 21 October. If you leave your vibrator up the Bakerloo after that, then you know who to buzz.

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